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Sheung Kung

Sheung Kung is a form taught through the Tang Family. It is developed from the Weng Chun Kuen (Sapt Yat Sao) to supplement some of the limitations of the Weng Chun Kuen form. Weng Chun Kuen form is an easy form to learn, but difficult to master. Also, the Weng Chun Kuen form has a simple footwork. The footwork is particularly difficult to be taught in the old days when the people is less educated and more of manual workers. Sheung Kung was based on the Weng Chun Kuen thinking, developed to incorporate footwork and whole body movement. It has more stretching and hence would form a better exercise and much easier for students to understand the theory, fundamental and applications behind the hand forms of the Weng Chun Kuen form.

The video shows GM Tang Yik practicing the Sheung Kung at No. 1 Playing Field Road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, in the 1980ies. Many thanks to Michael Tang Sifu for publishing the formidable art of the Weng Chun Kuen of the Tang Family to preserve the art to future generations.

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to learn the Weng Chun Kuen from video. Therefor you need a real teacher that gives you a personal feedback.


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